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About Us

Happy Children


We strive to provide more than just staff. "Doing What Others Won't" is key to enabling the children and young people we support, to have the same safe access and prospects as anyone else in the community.

We Challenge the Challenges!


We aim to become the UK's most successful staffing agency for any and all organisations that require healthcare professionals for children and young people to enable all children a chance at staying at home.

Group Hug

The Guardians Group is a specialist support provider.


No matter the placement setting, all children deserve to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. Our role is to provide specialist staff to assist in the repair, enhancement and support of placements and the individual needs of the child.


Clients supported by Guardians Group can expect an individualised tailored made approach to their support. Our staff are trained and experienced in working with vulnerable children and the wide range of complex needs encountered.

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